Friday, August 19, 2011

MDS Blog Hop: Cupcakes/Baking

Alesha picked our theme this week as cupcakes. While I don't have any pictures that fit that theme, I did have these ones of the kids and I making brownies. The design I based this on is a layout by Maggie Holmes in CK's Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks Summer Fun & Travel edition. (All my layouts seem to be Maggie Holmes inspired. Love her work.)

I wasn't sure if using vintage products on this layout would work or not and the colors seemed too bright to match with anything. Luckily, it all just seemed to come together. Don't you love it when that happens?

Sometimes I like to use my own handwriting on my layouts so I'll add that once the page is printed.

Supplies used:

8. Erica Shaw (you're here)


  1. Love how you put the frame around that matted photo! Thanks for the Maggie Holmes tip!

  2. I love the vintage on your page - I definitely think it works. very cute!


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