Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY Reindeer Teacher Gift Bags

Today I have a project to share with you that Esper and I made for her preschool teachers. (Inspiration found here.) These reindeer teacher gift bags were so easy to make! I just used brown lunch sacks that I filled with candy, chapstick, and hot cocoa packets. To make the antlers, I just twisted pipe cleaners and then stuck one end into the back of the bag, where the flaps fold over. This project was very easy to make with a child because you are just punching shapes out and then gluing them on. Esper got distracted eating candy, though, so she wasn't much help.

DIY Reindeer Teacher Gift Bags
 She did think that the reindeer needed a little jewelry so she tried to put a bracelet on them.

Then she was "crafting." In this picture she is saying to me "Mommy, you hand me dos scissors?" I died laughing. Of course I said no. This girl can only have safety scissors.  

How can I say no when this face asks for ten more M&M's? :)

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  1. Three favorites here - the project, your sweet little girl, and your craft room - WOW!

  2. I'm in love with the craft room too :) Very cute project (I love the saying) & she looks like she's a sweetie!


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