Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MDS Blog Hop: You At Two Scrapbook Page

I was in love with Esper's preschool portrait she came home with. I was actually holding her on my lap in this picture. She was too shy to sit on her own in front of the stranger holding the camera. And that little hand up under her neck is indicator of that. This is such an interesting age she is at. She can be sweet as sugar all day, kissing me and telling me over and over how she loves me "a hundwed" and then be throwing things the next minute because she didn't get what she wanted. But honestly, do we ever grow out of throwing tantrums? I'll miss all the kisses and cuddles and probably even the hilarious ways she throws fits one day.

MDS Blog Hop: You At Two Scrapbook Page

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

MDS Blog Hop: Spring

I pulled out some spring photos from last year to scrapbook. These are all cell phone photos which I have so many of. I seriously rarely pick up my SLR camera because it's so big and clumsy (but I really should more often because of the money I spent on it). I think other moms will relate to the craziness that is going somewhere- it's a wonder we even get our kids out the door, let alone a camera! So don't beat yourself up about it- use those cell phone shots and make scrapbook pages when you have time- like while the kids are napping. Will your albums be perfectly organized and in chronological order? Probably not. I just pull out photos that are fun to play with at that moment. I pair them with a new digital designer series paper I want to try out that day. (Of course using Pinterest to do all the creative work for me.) When I have 100 scrapbook pages done, I order a printed album.

Now's a great time to try out My Digital Studio- the $79.95 price just got reduced to $19.95! Take the guilt out of scrapbooking and start having fun preserving memories. Click here to order either the disc or download version. Plus if you purchase in the month of April you get free access to my next online class! (most likely a beginner MDS class in the summer)

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