Friday, November 25, 2011

MDS Blog Hop: Tri-Fold Cards

Today's challenge was to create a Tri-Fold card in My Digital Studio. I didn't have time to design something new, so today I just thought I'd show you the printed version of the tri-fold Christmas card I designed a few weeks ago. I guess with this post comes some news. We will not be sending out this Christmas card this year. Jeff and I are no longer a family. I have been devastated some days and happy and at peace with it the others. This is definitely what is best for us, but it's hard to mourn the loss of something you thought you'd have forever. We are both growing and changing and learning more about ourselves from this experience. I am grateful for the things I've learned. And I'm glad I had this card printed because now I will put it in Esper's scrapbook. And you just have to see how pretty these cards look when printed!

The best feature of this card is being able to use the entire flip side to put more photos or text.

Supplies used:

Go see some more beautiful tri-fold card designs!
4. Erica Shaw (you're here)
7. Holly VanDyne


  1. the printed result is a gazillion time more beautiful than the 'in progress version' I LOVE IT!

  2. oh I totally love the card, which stamps, embellishment..ect did you use?


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