Friday, November 23, 2012

Custom Christmas Cards

Today's challenge was to use brush stamp sets and I used a few of them on these Christmas cards I designed. I'm offering these four designs as ones you can have me add your photos too. If you've already done your Christmas cards I hope these just provide some good ideas for you to store away for the future when you need some inspiration.

Have you put "design Christmas cards" on your list only to put it off because you're overwhelmed? Well here's an easy way to cross that off your list- let me do it for you! Chose from one of these four designs and let me insert your photos and order your cards. I'll even have them shipped to your house. 

I can customize the cards to work with your photos, changing any colors or tweaking the sizes of things. Contact me today to have your cards made!

These are all postcards that come with envelopes.
There is a discount when you order in bulk. So the more you order, the lower the price per postcard.
Prices: $1.45 (1-9), $1.38 (10-25), $1.31 (26-50), $1.23 (51-100) $1.16 (100+)

But HURRY! Due to printing times you need to let me know ASAP (this week preferably) so I can get them sent to you in time to send to your friends and family.

Supplies used:

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